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Create New Page ‚Äč

Incorporating a new page into our template is a straightforward process, much like creating a page in any other project. Just follow these steps to ensure its proper integration:

  1. Create the Page: Create your new page within the view folder. This is as simple as adding your page's content and functionality.

  2. Register the Route: In the /router folder, register the route for your new page. This enables proper navigation to your page within the application.

  3. Update Menu Files: Add the necessary details of your new page in the relevant menu files. This ensures that the page's name or icon is displayed correctly in the navigation menu. Remember to update both the vertical and horizontal menu files if needed.

  4. Translate the Page Name: To support internationalization (i18n), add the translation for your page's name in the /plugins/i18n/messages.ts file. This ensures that the page name is displayed correctly in different languages.

With these steps completed, your new page will be seamlessly integrated into our template.